Tuesday 19 December 2017

A decision made and a weight lifted

Good Morning All,
Did you enjoy Jane on the box yesterday with her fabulous stamps? I had such fun playing with this particular set of stamps. I really am a very lucky Girl.
The only down side to sample making is that you are totally in the hands of the stamp company and their time frame, and this is often very short notice.
This was indeed the case this month when I had just over a week to get the samples made and sent for the new Woodware stamp launch in January. This meant that everything that I had planned got put on the back burner.
Now I know Christmas happens at exactly the same time each year, and I know that I should be more organised (I seem to say that every year), but something always seems to waylay my plans and this year has been no exception.
So this evening I came to a decision, and it feels like a big weight has been lifted.
I have decided that I won't send out Christmas cards this year. By the time that I get them all written and signed and in the post it will be too late for the last posting dates and so they will inevitably arrive just in time to be put in the recycling.
I spend far too much time making them for that to happen, so I have decided that instead I will send out a Christmas newsletter like I did several years ago.
Oh I feel so much better.
I am obviously not the only one who likes to leave things to the last minute, as a friend of mine announced on Saturday that she wanted a nice card for her Mum.
I don't usually do decoupage (pre-printed and pre-cut), but in this instance, when I had little or no time I decided that it was the just what was needed.
 And I have to say that I was really quite pleased with the results.
I didn't use all of the layers, but I did use some ribbon
and an embossing folder and gilding wax. What a surprise!!!
My newsletter is written, so all I need now is for my printer to get its act in gear and I can get this show on the road.
Have a great day.
Happy Crafting and hugs

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