Monday, 8 January 2018

Walk the Walk..........for Breast Cancer

Evening Everyone,
I hope that you all had a good weekend. Mine did not quite go to plan, so now I am going to need your help and encouragement.....................and a good pair of walking shoes.
In a moment of New Year, First day back at the gym madness, my daughter and I have signed up for the Moonwalk, in aid of Breast Cancer, in London, in May.
Now I know that when it comes around to it I will be fine, and I'm looking forward to doing it, but at the moment I am feeling somewhat under parr after my Granddaughter Emma has generously shared her rather nasty cough and cold.
She has been under the weather for a little while, but I am certainly not going to say no to a hug or a cuddle when it is offered, so if this is all my own fault then so be it!!
We are eagerly awaiting our official Walker Pack which includes the trademark Moonwalk Bra for us to decorate and a training plan.
I'm not sure that these would be considered the recommended footwear for our walk, but I just love this set of sneakers, so useful for teenage cards, whatever the sex.
They are great for paper piecing as I have done here, or for colouring in.
I'm afraid my proposed training plan has bitten the dust today, coughing and walking in the cold is probably not a very good plan.
I still have plenty of time though, so all is not lost.
I will try and set up a Fundraising page when I can work out how to do it, you all know me and technology, so then if anyone fancies sponsoring me in my efforts you will have somewhere to go.
For now I am off to wrap myself up under my nice new fleecy blanket ( a Christmas prezzie from one of my lovely customers at work) so that I can catch up with some TV. I know how to live :O)
Have a great evening.
Happy Crafting and Hugs

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