Monday, 26 December 2016

Rustic Wreath

Evening Everyone,
Have you had a good day. It was back to work as normal for me today.
We were really busy for most of the day which made it go by quicker so that I could get home to a little bit of peace and quiet. Quite a change from yesterday when the whole family were together and the house was heaving with Christmas noise and jollity.
Christmas is all about the children and it is amazing how having a little one around again brings back all of the magic and the memories.
Emma was very good at giving out the presents, and helping to open them. And who knew that you could have so much fun with a sofa cushion on the floor!! She spent ages just stepping on to the cushion, wobbling off the other side and then giggling hysterically before doing it all over again........for about 15 minutes. The more in danger of falling over she was the funnier she found it, giving mummy and everyone heart attacks as we tried to catch her.
She didn't remain completely unscathed having walked in to the corner of table at the beginning of the day. She had a lovely bruise in the middle of her forehead but it didn't seem to bother her for very long, and it certainly didn't make her sleepy, so a trip to A&E was averted, thankfully.
 Just a couple of cards tonight using an old 3D M-Bossabilities folder called Rustic Wreath.
 I used Mixed Media card stock and dye based inks.
 Here is another version of the same card.
I love all of the detail in the folder. I think you could even use this one as a birthday card.
Off to bed now, it's been a long day.
Hugs Kimx

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