Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A little act of kindness

Evening Everyone.
Have you had a good day?
I confess that I have struggled again today, both with the cold and my emotions. In fact a small act of kindness from one of our lovely customers had me in tears.
Today is the Anniversary of the death of my Son Adam and is a day that doesn't seem to get any easier to cope with.
One of my regular coffee customers remembered and gave me a beautiful bunch of roses to help make the day a little better for me.
Such a sweet gesture, but it was enough to have me disappear into the staffroom in floods of tears.
This is the fabulous gift of kindness that she gave me.
Such a beautiful colour.
The twins and I each took a rose to the church this evening.
We always light a candle for Adam today.
So here we are at the end of another year. Let us hope that the new one will be happy, healthy and prosperous for us all.
When you welcome in the New Year this evening, please raise your glass to absent friends and loved ones and also to those whose little act of kindness can mean such a lot.
Happy New Year to you All.
See you in 2015.
Hugs Kimx


  1. Kim how thoughtful of your customer. It doesn't get easier does it. Christmas for us has become a time of empty family chairs and bitter sweet reminiscences.

  2. x I hope today is easier for you.


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