Saturday, 15 March 2014

I've added to my STABLE

Evening Everyone,
I hope that you are enjoying your weekend.
I am having a fabulous time playing.
It is so nice to have plenty of space to spread out, although of course you still end up working in a 6 inch space just like all crafters lol.
I decided, when I was packing for my holiday, that one of the things that I needed to do was to finally play with my Gelli Plate. It has been neglected due to lack of space not lack of love.
Now of course what I should have done was re-watch one of Barbara's TV shows to remind myself of what to do, but as always I was just too impatient and started playing first and then realized that I couldn't actually remember how she made it look so easy!!!
I'm not totally disappointed I just think that I need a bit more playtime.
As is often the case things look so much better once you have chopped them down a bit and added some colouring. And then being in the shop makes it much easier to find papers to match your art work.
Which leads me very nicely in to the title of my blog post tonight.
No I haven't just bought a horse, I have just added a few more crafty items to my stash.
The ladies in the class at SirStampalot today were discussing how we all acquire far more things than we will ever be able to use, but still we continue to buy them, and I was reminded of something that I read in one of Barbara's BLOG posts.
As crafters most of us have a STABLE - STash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy.
I thought that this was the perfect description, and it certainly made everyone laugh.
So for now I will get some sleep, but tomorrow I will no doubt add a few more items to my STABLE.
Well it would be rude not to shop now wouldn't it lol.
Hugs Kimx

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  1. lol I know exactly what you mean I am trying not to but I just can't help myself. Loving you playing xx


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