Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Wanderer returns

Evening Everyone,
Well it seems that blogger was kind while I was away, and now we are back to normal with me posting late at night! Perhaps I will have to be more trusting in future and get things prepared in advance.
I had a wonderful time at Port Sunlight catching up with some old friends and putting faces to names that often get mentioned on the TV.
Of course I came home with some new toys, well it would be rude not to don't you think lol.
The train journey to Liverpool is much quicker than I had imagined and despite a brief delay on the return journey due to 'an animal on the line' - don't ask!! - I was actually home well before 10pm.
That is quite a result given that when I usually go by car we never seem to get home till gone midnight even though we would have left at a very similar time.
I can definitely recommend the train as a preferred method of transport, even if my arms do ache from lugging a heavy suitcase. Maybe that will teach me not to shop :)
I had planned to spend today playing with some of my new acquisitions, but the best laid plans and all that.
In fact I spent some of the day babysitting unexpectedly whilst Jenni and Becki (my daughters) took Ciaran (my Grandson) to the hospital after he was pushed off a climbing frame and hurt his arm.
Fortunately he is fine just bruised, but as I found it hard to get going this morning it has meant that once again I am behind schedule with everything. It doesn't take much does it lol.
I will have to try and do better tomorrow with my last day off before I get back to the real world. So for tonight you will have to be content with the lovely picture that I took from the window of our hotel.
I'm not sure that my Grandchildren will even know who Bill and Ben were, but I couldn't resist taking the photo. It certainly brought back some memories, as did these lovely rhododendrons which reminds me of the garden at my Parents home.
Night, night.
hugs Kimx

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