Thursday, 24 May 2012

B***** Internet

Evening Everyone
I hope that you have been enjoying another lovely day.
Those of you that are regular visitors to my little blog, and I do thank you for stopping by, will have noticed that I have been trying to post every day.
Well last night my run was broken by the b***** Internet.
I spent several hours opening and closing the computer to be constantly told that my connection wasn't available even thought the little icon in my toolbar told me that I had a strong signal.
Unfortunately because I blog so late at night no one was around to help me out.
My daughter has spent several hours on the phone today and so finally we are back in business.
I don't think that I will push my luck so I will leave it at this tonight.
Thank you all once again for stopping by and for leaving all of your lovely comments they are most appreciated.
Time for dinner and then some play time I think.
Hugs Kimx

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