Friday, 18 February 2011

Oh what a day.....

Evening Everyone,
Is it Friday the 13th by any chance, it certainly could have been today. Or at the very least one of those old fashioned comedies starring Norman Wisdom !!
I have done wonders for International relations as I spent most of the morning trying to help a couple get their car back to France after they put the wrong fuel in it. Then we had an accident at the entrance to the forecourt, fortunately nothing serious, and then to round it all off I ended up dog watching while a lady went in to the store and did some shopping!!!!! She wanted some wine so I was much better off with the dog as I have absolutely no idea when it comes to anything alcoholic.
So my day has been nothing if not eventful. Still at least it makes the time pass quickly when you are at work.
Anyway that's enough of that, on to something creative.
This has to be one of my favourite cards of all time. I made it for Barbara's TV show last weekend.
The main panel has been made using the embossed resist technique. This has been cut into several pieces which have then been put back together onto a silver panel.
The 'moon' has been achieved by placing a mask over the embossed image before the colour has been sponged over it.
A few pearls and some peel-off lines finish the whole thing off.
I will be demoing this technique using Hobby Art stamps at the show in Farnborough next weekend, so pop by and say hello.
I must get to bed now as I have another lovely day teaching at Lavender Lane tomorrow.
Hope you have a good weekend.
Love and hugs


  1. Of course I would have been helpful on the dog and alcohol front. Where am I when you need me? Great classes today at Lavender's. Thank you. Looking forward to the show next week and trying my hand at a card like the lovely one above.

  2. Hi Kim, simply gorgeous card. I've always loved that particular extract from William Blake's 'Auguries of Innocence'. Now I must have the stamp! Hugs, Pauline x


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