Thursday, 29 April 2010

Shabby Chic for Tors

Hello everyone, nice of you to pop by.
We had a great time in class last night making these lovely shabby chic flowers.

Yesterday was also the birthday of a special young lady.
Long before I started work in the petrol station I was a registered childminder. We have opened our home to numerous children over the years, and still do since my daughter has taken over from me.
It is wonderful to think that most of the children stayed with us for several years, but Victoria or Tors as came to call her holds the distinction for the longest time we ever looked after anyone.
She came to us at 6 weeks old and continued to pop in long after she had bypassed the need for a babysitter, who needs one when you are at secondary school, in fact we came to look on her as part of the family.
She is now 20 (how old does that make me feel lol) and although she has now moved away we still keep in touch and she pops in whenever she is up in our neck of the woods.

So this card is for her. Everyone knows that I am rubbish at getting cards to people on time so I hope she will forgive me for sharing it with all of you first.
Happy Birthday Tors, hope you had a great day.
Love Kimx

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