Saturday, 13 February 2010

More Flowers

Evening Everyone.
We had a fab time at Lavender Lane today.
Spent the morning playing with brayers, glossy card stock and dye based ink pads. The girls seemed to have a great time trying out all the different techniques that I showed them.In the afternoon I had probably the quietest class EVER as they made roses. Painting classes are usually quiet as everyone concentrates on their colouring, but this afternoon you could have heard a pin drop.
I ran through various different ways of making ordinary punched flowers much more 3D on their cards and then showed them how to make roses.
I thought that I would be nice and start off with a large rose as the smaller ones can be very fiddly. I'm glad I did although they really are a lot easier than they look, once you get the hang of things.
I thought that you might like to see some of the other samples that I made.
As you can see I got a little carried away when it came to making them. I pinched Brenda's trick of tapping round the edge of the punched petals with a pigment pad and then embossing them with crystal embossing powder before you make up the rose.
As I hope the close up shots show you it helps to stiffen the paper and gives them a hint of sparkle. I think it looks like dew drops on a spring morning, although the photos don't quite do them justice.
Several of the morning ladies were unable to make the flower class in the afternoon and have asked me to repeat it. Maybe by then I will have learnt how to make Louise's roses as well. I'm looking forward to a tutorial when I visit Peterboro next month.
Better get to bed now as I have a couple of special birthday cards to make tomorrow.
Nite nite.
Love Kimx

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  1. Beautiful Kim! I'm itching to have a go at these but think you need a 6 petal punch and every single one Ive got is a 5 aaargh! I did have a go with a 5 but results were not good hehe!

    Top card is so stunning and love the blue roses too, thanks for sharing x


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