Friday, 20 July 2018

It's the End of an Era

Afternoon Everyone.
Well it's the end of an Era here.
After a 35 year association with the local school, today marked the last day that one of our number will walk through the doors.
Both my Girls, four of my Grandchildren, and childminded children too numerous to count have all attended this fabulous school.
I was part of the PTA for more than 20 of those years, so you can see we have a rather long history.
To be honest it's all rather sad to think that we will no longer need to collect anyone from the playground.
I suppose there will still be a very slight connection, since Emma and Chloe have their swimming lessons in the pool there.
In fact one of the things that I did for more years than I care to think about was to open the swimming pool every afternoon during the Summer holidays.
How things change. We wouldn't be able to do it now with all the Health and Safety rules and regulations.
In those days, when my girls were young, it was just a couple of mums (usually just me) who sat there and supervised hour long sessions over the course of the afternoon. We had a small tuck shop with sweets and icecreams and we did have a limit on numbers, but I don't think anyone was a qualified lifeguard. We certainly couldn't do that now.
It was also an open air pool then so you didn't boil to death in the heat and it was kind of fun to swim in the rain which we seemed to have plenty of then.
I'm sure that it's all seen through rosy coloured glasses now, but they were good times.
 As usual I made Thank you cards for the Twins to give their teachers and TAs (teaching assistants).
I used some fabulous pre-coloured digi images that I bought from LOTV.
Although they are probably designed to be given to someone who has done well in their exams,
 I thought that the teaching element would work quite nicely when making my Thank you cards.
I rooted through my background paper bits box
to find anything that matched colourwize.
It means that they are all slightly different because of the shape and size of the papers that I found, but I did manage to use up quite a few bits of scrap paper.
Much as I would love to see the rain that is threatening at the moment, all the leavers and their parents have gone to the park at the back of us to meet up for a drink and a reminisce, so I do hope it holds off for a few hours at least.
Hope you have a great weekend, and a fabulous start to the Summer Holidays.
I'm off to prep for tomorrows class. Pixie powders and Brushos, brilliant fun.
Happy Crafting and Hugs

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