Monday, 3 April 2017

Entertaining Emma

Evening Everyone,
Monday again, and I am hoping to get back to some sort of normality this week. I definitely need to get back to the gym big time.
I have been helping out with Emma rather a lot just lately, so I was doing quite a bit of walking which I suppose goes a little way to making up for my lack of gym time.
Another issue that came up last week was a sudden and very short turn round on some DT samples.
Fortunately they are all finished and in the post now and as some of the Grandchildren are on school holiday I am hoping that they will take over Emma Entertainment duties so that I can get in some exercise before my lovely gym buddy starts to give me grief.
As you can see the children had a great time playing with a Zdbed.
  Ciaran made Emma a camp with it
 although she also enjoyed having a lie down.
Fun times, it's a shame they grow up so quickly.
Oh and I did get to the gym, so I think it was a good day all round.
Hugs Kimx

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