Friday, 15 August 2014

I've touched a little piece of History

Evening Everyone
Today is my wonderful Mum's 84th birthday, and during my visit we got to talking once again about the Centenary celebrations surrounding the 1st World War and what MY grandparents did during it.
My Dad's Father (Pop as we called him) was a Farrier in the Army. He was among the many whose job it was to look after the horses.
'Did you see the article in the Daily Mail?' Mum asked.
'They were offering you the chance to purchase a copy of the Princess Mary Gift Tin sent to the troops at Christmas in 1914.
Well, I have an original!!!!'
And with that she produced a little piece of History before my very eyes.
Now of course Pop's tin has seen better days, and sadly no longer contains any of the treasures that were sent to him all those years ago.
 We had a little bit of trouble reading the inscriptions,
since Mum has very sensibly resisted the urge to clean it.
But there was a little glimpse of its former glory when the tin was opened.
As a child I spent hours listening to the stories told by my Grandparents.
Stories of my Great Aunt's time as a cook in service., of the garage that they owned and all the fascinating people that they met.
They seemed so interesting. Now I'm lucky if I can get the Grandchildren to look up from their tablets long enough to even acknowledge my presence lol. How times change.
Hugs Kimx


  1. Kim what a beautiful story, and how wonderful that your Mum has kept this fabulous piece of history for all these years.

    I am so proud of what our ancestors did in the two great wars. My own Grandfather was a fireman in London's blitz during WWII. I can only imagine the horrors he must have seen.

    I am sure you and your Mum are just as proud of Pops!


  2. Wow Kim, that's amazing - what a treat. As you say, things just aren't the same these days with the younger generation - such a pity.

  3. Oh Wow! Kim how marvellous. I do hope that eventually one of your grand children will come to treasure it as much as you and your Mum.


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