Sunday, 13 April 2014

Wow, what a weekend!!

Evening Everyone,
I have had a rather unexpected end to the weekend, extra babysitting detail of the Grandchildren and a couple of extra bodies!!
 The weekend started off in a rather relaxing manner some friends round for a BBQ, despite the rather overcast weather.
It was actually a rather belated birthday treat for my 'surrogate son-in-law'.
All was going well apart from the fact that he had been stung by a wasp earlier in the day and his hand was continuing to swell (he is allergic to wasp stings and had already been to A&E)
After much discussion, and quite a bit of persuasion, he went back to the hospital only to be put in an ambulance which sped off at 90 miles and hour to East Grinstead where a team of doctors were waiting for his arrival!!
The upshot of it was a night spent at the hospital hooked up to a drip, with his wife and my daughter there for company (they had gone with him to A&E) and all of the children sleeping over here.
I ended up pulling Child Watch detail, they are all well past the baby stage, until everyone returned early this afternoon after my Sin-in-law had gone to collect them.
All the grown ups had been awake all night so as you can imagine there were a lot of rather tired people in need of coffee and feeding.
Rather appropriately tonight I have several cards to share that were made for members of the younger generation.
I'm sure that this is how everyone would have preferred to spend the weekend.
 We could have done with a little wizardry today,
And once again a little relaxation would not have gone amiss.
It was a birthday celebration I know but this is definitely not what the Birthday Boy looked like lol.
All of the cards have been made using Lili of the Valley toppers, so easy to use when you need a card in a hurry.
Lets hope that tomorrow is a little less frantic, I think that there will be quite a few grown ups in need of match sticks to prop open their eyes. Let's hope that they all get a good nights sleep.
Hugs Kimx


  1. Oh my never good when people get whisked off in an ambulance, glad he is going to be okay. Your cards are lovely and yes LOTV toppers are so useful for a card in a hurry.

  2. What a traumatic weekend! I'm allergic to wasp stings too - last time I ended up in hospital on intravenous antibiotics at max strength, so I get totally paranoid in the summer...

    Hope he is on the mend now.


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