Friday, 27 December 2013

Chocolate Sprouts anyone?

Evening Everyone
Yeah it's the weekend and we have just started it with a lovely Christmas dinner.
Yes, I know Christmas Day was on Wednesday, but one of the problems with eating elsewhere is that there are no leftovers for 'Bubble and Squeak', hence the dinner tonight lol.
Everyone seemed to have a lovely time both at the Pub on Wednesday and this evening.
 Saskia wanted to be the barmaid.
And this is the first time that Reece ever offered to do the washing up.
Becki wanted a picture of the kids sitting in the ice pond,
and 'Chef Andy' decided to join them having slid across the floor.
Even Mum and Dad got in on the act.
There is a rule in our house that you have to have at least one sprout with Christmas dinner. The kids kicked up a bit of a fuss, as usual, so I decided to trick them a little today. M&S sold little nets of chocolate wrapped to look like sprouts so after the kids all moaned when I suggested that they need one sprout with dinner I swapped it for a chocolate one. Funnily enough they all wanted seconds :O)
I'm looking forward to a nice little lie in tomorrow, which will no doubt mean someone will wake me up early.
Hugs Kimx

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  1. lol love the chocolate sprouts idea, hate real sprouts myself so I know how the children feel :)


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