Thursday, 24 October 2013

I'm here in Peterboro.

Evening Everyone
Well I've made it to Peterboro.
In fact it was such an uneventful and quick journey that I caught Janice and Andy (my taxi from the station) on the hop and I had to sit in the station coffee shop with a latte and a good book while they shut everything down at work to come and collect me lol.
It has meant a very early finish at the warehouse for them, which is highly unusual. But they did bring in homework, so having been treated to a MacDonald's for dinner we have been watching the telly while stuffing polybags in readiness for the delivery of the new Molly Blooms stamps that Claire will be demoing along side me on Saturday.
So I'm afraid there are no piccies as I need to get to bed. We always do early starts when I come to stay.
I'll do better tomorrow.
hugs Kimx

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