Monday, 7 February 2011

Grasses I prepared earlier.

Evening Everyone,
I've delivered my cards, had my cup of coffee, and because I can't share them at the moment I guess it is the perfect opportunity for one of those 'And here's one I prepared earlier' moments lol.
This was actually made way back last year when the grasses stamp first appeared on the TV. Some how I never got around to sharing the cards with you, so here goes.
This is another one in the same style. I hope my latest photos are better than these - maybe that's why I didn't share before.
By the way I'm not a millionaire, maybe I'll have better luck next time. No wonder I don't buy a ticket very often, I never seem to win anything.
Off to bed, it's got late again.
Love and hugs

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  1. Hi Kim, I have these grasses stamps. Thanks for sharing another way to use them. Hugs, Pauline x


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