Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow, snow and more snow!!

Well Girls,
This post was to have been written from the comfort of my demo table at Sir Stampalot, but who knew that the south of England was going to come to a standstill due to a little bit of snow lol.
When I went to work at 6am yesterday morning my intention had been, on my return at 2pm, to finish my cards for Barbara's TV show on Sunday, pack my case for my journey today, and hopefully come up with some samples for Jenny's show on Monday.
Nearly 18 hours later, I kid you not I left work at 11.30PM, working on card samples was the last thing on my mind.
Yes my shift at the garage took on marathon proportions when none of the staff could get in to work due to the movement of traffic, or should that be lack of movement.
We are situated only about 5 miles from junction 6 of the M25 that well know car park. Sorry guys English in joke. Well yesterday you could walk quicker than the traffic was moving, even given the depth of the snow. People were coming in with all sorts of horror stories about the length of time that they had been in the car. 8 hours to get from Croydon, a journey that might take an hour on a really bad day!!!!
So as you may well imagine, much as I love my trips to Peterboro, there is no way that I was even going to attempt to get there today, even if we could have dug the car out lol. Becki's car is the 2nd from the right!!!
 So as I haven't made it up there yet I will just have to share a couple of cards that I made on my last visit.
This one uses a Penny Black stamp Joyeux Noel 3989K. I do like this one but have covered the French with a more traditional English greeting.
The backgrounds have been made using inks and pearlex and a Magnolia Holly Swirl X9839J. The large flower is also from Magnolia and matched the background beautifully I thought.
This second card also uses a Penny Black stamp Christmas Text 4115K. Here I have just used a combination of background papers and ribbons available in the store.
The finishing touch is a little glitter glue and the good old 700 pen.
I do hope that I will be able to make it up to the demo day on Saturday, but I think that it will probably be on the train, and I will not try and travel until Friday.
I was supposed to have been at work today, but after my stint yesterday I felt I had done my bit so I have spent the day helping out with the youngest two grandchildren. Saskia is not keen on the snow except to look at through the window and so while the girls did their good Samaritan bit for the old ladies round the corner from us, I stayed in the warm with the children. It's a hard job but somebody has to do it he he.
I must admit that the snow does look beautiful when it comes down like this, but I am also very glad that I don't have to go out in it at the moment.
So I hope that you are all tucked up safely in front of a nice roaring fire as you read this. I must get back to my card samples. Fortunately I had already arranged for Barbara to collect the samples from me. It's a good job that her man has a Land rover so that this little flurry of snow should present no obstacles.
Keep Safe
Love and Hugs


  1. Goodness, I hardly recognised your street. We're snowed in over here too. Not going anywhere! Loving the cards.

  2. What a marathon day - for you and those poor drivers! I hope the weather improves by Friday so you can travel without any worries!

    Your cards are lovely, as usual!

    Keep warm, luv, Mags x


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