Saturday, 12 May 2018

Walk the Walk at the Moonwalk in London

Hello Everyone, long time no see.
I'm sorry that I have been missing of late, but what with computer issues, work and training for the Moonwalk crafting has very definitely taken a back seat.
So to the MOONWALK. The day, or should I say night is finally here.
As with most walkers we have a very personal reason for doing this. For us it is my Cousin Kathy who is currently in remission.
She is also the reason for our team name 'Bristow Babes', Bristow being her maiden name.
Most of our training (I am doing the Moonwalk with my daughter Becki) has been done whilst accompanied by Becki's two small children.
It will seem very strange not to have a buggy to push tonight, let's hope that we can manage without it to hold us up lol.
Emma wanted to get in on the act, so she posed in the hat and t-shirt that we will be wearing tonight.

And of course we couldn't leave out our other training buddy.
I'm afraid that we have both dipped out on the bra. There are certain things that should remain a mystery and safely covered up, so I have taken advice from previous Moonwalkers and gone for warmth over showmanship.
We have been holding a bucket collection at work for customers loose change, and have been able to arrange for this to happen in all the BP petrol stations in our local area.
If you do fancy sponsoring either of us I have added the links below, any amount however small will be greatly appreciated.

Kimx -
Becki -

Our rucksack with spare clothes for afterwards, and bumbag for the walk are all safely packed up and waiting for the off. So in the mean time I am trying to get some rest, and hoping that it rains itself out before the start.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope that normal service will be resumed very soon.
Happy Crafting and Hugs


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