Thursday, 7 December 2017

Christmas Shopping for Snowmen

Evening Everyone,
I've been performing my Grandmotherly duties recently, only this time with my eldest Granddaughter. We have been into Croydon for a girly shopping spree.
I did have an ulterior motive as I needed her help to choose some Christmas outfits for her brothers and sister. She is very good in that department, and we managed to find something for everyone.
I even managed to get myself something for Christmas Jumper day, which we will be celebrating at work next week, and at the Gym this Friday.

As my jumper has a rather cute Snowman on the front of it I though it the perfect segway into some cards featuring more cute snowmen.
 They were all made from bits and pieces from my Christmas box.
 I would love to say that the stash of bits is getting smaller,
 but as a compulsive hoarder, the pile just seems to get bigger and bigger.
Every now and then I do have a bit of a cull and donate things to Davina as she does a lot at the Cancer Centre and a couple of Elderly Care facilities.
As they say one man's rubbish is another man's treasure, and a good many cards have been finished off by the ladies from my discarded bits and pieces. Better than putting it my recycling bin. Although I always think that once I have given them away if they end up in the bin then at least I haven't done it so I can feel guilt free lol.
More little people babysitting duties tomorrow, and a trip to see my Mum for lunch before I can even begin to start on my stamp samples for Jane and Creative Expressions. It's a hard job, but someone has got to do it.
Hugs Kimx

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