Sunday, 26 February 2017

Just popped in to say Hi

Evening Everyone.
Seriously, it's Sunday again!!  In fact it will be nearly Monday by the time I get this finished.
I'm finding it quite hard getting back into blogging mode after so long away.
Emma has been like a little limpet, which while lovely and very flattering, does make crafting and computers rather difficult.
She likes to come and sit right next to me and watch 'Come Outside' with Auntie Mabel and Pippin.
They are DVDs that the older Grandchildren used to watch and love, but every time I try to get on and do anything she wants to 'help' me, so it is often just easier to sit back and watch the DVD with her.
They are very educational and informative, but I don't seem to have the same capacity for repetition that Emma does.
Her all time favourite one is on 'Biders' (that's spiders to the rest of you lol )
They are actually a pet hate of mine, so I am a very good Mam-ma to sit and watch them with her instead of running in the opposite direction.
I may be terrified of spiders in the flesh, but I do love my spiders web stencil by Tim Holtz (It is actually called Shatter)
In fact I have quite a few spidery stamps and dies now I come to think of it.
Any way I was going to blog a couple of cards tonight using said stencil, but having made the most of a day off from Emma with plenty of card making I have realized that I haven't taken any pictures.
As I really must get to bed, I will make a promise to rectify that tomorrow.
So for now I will just say Hi and thanks for stopping by.
See you tomorrow.
Hugs Kimx


  1. No excuses Kim, get to it Lol! Happy crafty week, Angela xXx

  2. Just saw your card on CCM, gorgeous xXx


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