Saturday, 31 October 2015

Trick or Treat

Hi All
I told you that Kids and Grand kids all love Halloween.
As you can see they all had a fabulous time getting into the spirit of the evening.
 This was Emma yesterday,
And then her Pumpkin outfit 
 to start the day today.
 Love the pumpkins.
 The are absolutely amazing.
I told you they enter into the spirit. This is the front of the house.
 Emma the skeleton 
 and Saskia the Corpse Bride.
 Saskia, and Ciaran the Cyberman.
 Big sister Megan was Cat Woman.
 And I am guessing that one of these rather scary individuals is big bother Reece.
 Emma and her Dragon.
And here she is with her stash at the end of the evening.
Shame she is too little to eat it, I guess Mum and Dad will just have to help her out lol.
Have a great night.
Hugs Kimx

1 comment:

  1. Emma is soooo cute :)
    And it's lovely to see the kids get into the spirit of thngs - they all look fab and scray.
    - janicex


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