Sunday, 5 January 2014

A Clarity kind of day

Hi All,
Have you been watching Barbara on the box today?
I have all of her shows recorded for later perusal as I spent the day in Clarity sorting mode. Who knew just how many of Barbara's fabulous stamps I own. At least now I can see them all properly, but why does any form of tiding up take sooooo long?
While I am in sorting mode, I thought that I would have a look through the photos of cards that I have made for Barbara in the past. There still seem to be loads that I haven't blogged, so perhaps now would be a good time to share them with you, even if some of them were made rather a long time ago. Sometimes it is actually good to look backwards in order to be re-inspired.

I have to say that these have been amongst my favourite Clarity stamps, but then I always seem to gravitate towards solid images and leaves and flowers especially.
I'm sure that there are still lots of other cards to share but I will leave them for another occasion.
I can't believe that it has taken me all day to sort my Clarity stamps, but that is one more thing that I can tick off my To Do list.
Don't forget to drop in on Craftycardmakers  tomorrow for our first challenge of 2014.
Better get to sleep now, I was up rather late last night and I just know that it will catch up with me at work tomorrow.
Hugs Kimx


  1. Watched all three shows and your name was mentioned quite a bit. Loved the cards you made for her.

  2. I only have a few of Barbara's stamps but I love watching her on the telly. Your cards are lovely, I spent 3 days before Christmas and 2 days in that middle bit between Christmas and New Year going through my craft room but now I know where everything is and all of a sudden I have this empty space to fill :)


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