Sunday, 14 July 2013

The best laid plans..........

Hi All
Are you having a wonderful Sunday? I am seriously struggling with the heat, even though it is possibly a little cooler today than yesterday.
I can't manage outside, and I have even had to switch the lights off in my craft room to cool it down a little which has of course made crafting rather difficult.
I hope that I can get some inspiration going later today as I have two very special birthday cards for next week and at the moment I am getting no where fast.


I started writing this post this afternoon with every intention of getting back to my desk once it got cooler. However fate had other ideas for me, and I have spent the afternoon and evening helping my youngest daughter clean soot and smoke damage from her house due to a fire.
You would never credit how much damage could be done by an iron. All that is left of it is the plug and cable with a molten lump at the end. The ironing board is just a shell.
Fortunately the house is still standing, no one was hurt and the damage probably looks worse than it actually is, but when you get a phone call from a sobbing daughter you leap in a taxi (I don't drive) and ask questions later.
So I'm afraid tonight will be picture less,  as I am in need of something to eat and a shower lol.
And I can't face ironing my uniform for work tomorrow, I will just have to go in creased
Hugs to all, stay safe.


  1. sorry to hear of yet another misfortune Kim, you guys certainly get your fair share between you :(

    i'm glad B is fine. Well done to wonder woman for getting there in flash :)

    love to all, see you v. soon :)

    - janicexxxx

  2. Good Gracious - she was lucky. What a shock for you all. Thank goodness on one was injured. Sending love xx


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