Monday, 27 February 2012

Such a hard post to write

Evening Everyone
I have always thought of Craft as a safe haven full, for the most part, of generous and lovely people who are prepared to share their talents with the rest of us.
Craft has saved my sanity on more than one occasion and I am lucky enough to count some of the top names in the craft industry as friends.
I have always enjoyed teaching, and in particular demonstrating, and have always viewed it as a way of sharing what I have learnt from others over the years, and I have always tried to credit others where possible.
You can imagine my surprise and utter dismay when I discovered at the weekend that I am apparently being accused on line, although not by name, of stealing other peoples work and passing it off as my own.
We all get our ideas from all over the place be it TV, the Internet or magazines. I defy anyone to say that they have NEVER used an idea that they first saw somewhere else. That is what it is all about, or at least so I thought.
The worst of it is that I am being accused by this 3rd party who will not tell me who it is that I have supposedly copied or even which of my posts are the offending ones.
I have never been e-mailed on this matter by this 3rd party as she purports to have done, nor have I ever removed posts from my blog in an effort to tidy up and hide what I have done as she claims.
If I have offended someone by making a card using an idea of theirs then I sincerely apologise but I would like the opportunity to do that to their face.
At the moment I am being accused of something that I was completely unaware that I had done, and I am not being given a chance to defend myself since this 3rd party will not substantiate her accusations by giving me the information necessary to defend myself.
I am afraid that this to me smacks of a cowardly and underhand way of deflecting the issues that she so obviously has with her own plagiarism.
A scroll through her blog will lead you to a host of cards which although beautiful could be seen as direct copies of work done by Barbara Grey with no credit to her for her inspiration, something that I am of course accused of failing to do.
I am really not sure how to end this post other than to ask that the parties that I have apparently offended in such a public manner have the decency to contact me in person and allow me the chance to clear this mess up.
I sincerely hope that your day has been better than mine however please let it be understood that I will continue to be creative, because that is my God given right.


  1. I've never commented before, it's very sad that someone has been trying to discredit you on line. I'm just very appreciative for you and the other wonderfully talented people who share their work on the w.w.w. There are so many sites and blogs for inspiration that such accusations are somewhat petty in my opinion.
    I have numerous "craft blogs" in my reader and look at them for inspiration, some copyright their images others don't, Sue Wilson who was on TV last week seems very positive about others using her blog card ideas for inspiration.
    Hope you don't mind such a long comment.

  2. Kim you are a HUGE inspiration to me and have been since 2004 and I'm quite sure you wouldnt be offended if I use the pink and yellow combo which idea I nicked from your book and dont credit you. I know this person and know that its not the first time she has publically accused someone of this and have read the post and I'm outraged by the tone and the whipping up of a witch hunt she is so clearly after.

    I will stand by you 100% on this my friend, your work is outstanding and inspirational and long may you reign sweetie x

  3. Oh my dear Kim, how distressing! You have no need to copy anyone else's work, all your creations are so obviously yours, right from your two wonderful books you've had your own special style. Anyone with half a brain cell would see that!

    I hope this is sorted ASAP, it must be so worrying for you. I really don't understand some people.


    much love, Mags B x

  4. Hi Kim
    As you rightly say, we all get inspiration from what we see in magazines, on line etc. When I started stamping I would copy ideas from magazines - your work included as a means of learning techniques. It takes a while to develop your own style. Then as your own style emerges you can take an idea and put your own slant on it. I wouldn't worry too much about this person. She is perhaps jealous of your talent - I don't know who you are talking about but she clearly has
    copied other peoples work herself.
    When I had my shop it used to upset me that customers would replicate my workshop samples to sell as their own work. But as it was pointed out to me, it was because they weren't able to come up with thier own ideas and I should be flattered that they thought my work good enough to copy.
    I am rambling!!! You keep on creating and inspiring others and try to put this out of your mind. As I have often heard "no idea is immaculately conceived"
    Siobhan x

  5. Kim, you are wonderful and all your projects are stunning and your own style!!!
    I hope that you will never give up to be creative because we would loose a fantastic person and an amazing crafter in this blogger world!!!
    And by the way....I get my ideas from internet, magazine etc too - so I'm guilty as well *lol* !!!
    love and big big hugs
    Doreen xxx

  6. Having been a victim of a witch hunt myself I can only sympathise with what this person has put you through.

    If she had had a shred of evidence in the first place she would have stated loud and proud that it was you she was accusing and pointing her sheeplike followers in your direction at the offending works.

    Such a shame that she felt the need to denigrate a fellow crafter with lies. I have been to her blog and I like her work. Could she not have been satisfied that she has a talent and leave it at that?

    I applaud you for having the courage to come out and state that it is you she is accusing on her blog. Now let's see if she can come up with the evidence? No, of course not, because there is none.

    You have my total support, and I shall still be proud to have you on my team.



  7. I am so shocked and angry that you are going through this Kim, it is totally disgraceful and the jealous people behind this should be thoroughly ashamed.

    How is anyone supposed to put something right if they do not know what they have done wrong?

    I too have seen this witch hunt happen before, with the same pattern, and cannot believe this person can get away with persecuting you so terribly, for a month, without even informing you and allowing you to deal with it.

    I have know you for many many years Kim and know you are extremely talented and inspirational. I've seen your enthusiasm when sharing your ideas with everyone, it's just so wrong.

    I will shut up, before I say too much, but let it be known, I'm extremely upset for you and will do anything I can to help you.

    Huge hugs

    Jill xxx

  8. Well, if everyone who got inspiration from another crafters work felt unable to show their own work off, all our blogs would be empty!!

    Please don't let this clearly jealous individual upset you with her ridiculous accusation - you are such a talented and original crafter with a definite style of your own that is clearly no rip off of anyone else!

    Keep in mind that you are a valued design team member for prominent craft companies and are featured in magazines because you are original and professional and your work is fantastic.

    I only wish I had a fraction of your talent and skill - and I will continue to read your blog and look at your lovely samples to see if I can pick up hints, tips and inspiration...


  9. Kim, your cards are just lovely, don't let the remarks upset you any longer. Keep on creating. The fact that the accusations have not been substantiated says it all really.
    Susan xxx

  10. Kim, we are all inspired by everything we see, do and hear every day, and this has been so since the beginning of time. Does anyone seriously think that the people who found out how to make fire or invented the wheel would have wanted others to miss out on the benefits they brought?! Even the greatest painters worked together to share ideas and inspire each other.
    There is no room in this industry for petty jealousy and cowardice, so this person needs to get over themselves.
    You keep creating the wonderful works of art that you are well known for - as Barbara herself has stated on the tv on lots of occasions - using the detail of a single stamped image in ways that highlight its beauty and potential. We all love you and need to continue being inspired by you.
    Huge hugs, Buttons x

  11. Hi sweetie I am new to your blog & I am glad you are making a stand for yourself. Too many people tell lies & make up things & when confronted cannot justify what they are saying is even true. I always believe that if you think someone is lying confront them in person or on the telephone, usually if they are lying they wont even speak to you or better still denie it all.
    Blogging is a way of all us crafters to share tips, techniques & ideas its the whole point of it & if people put this down to stealing well they shouldn't have a blog at all & clearly should not be part of the crafting world. I've only recently come across your blog & I think you do fantastic work & cant wait to see more so without a second thought clicked your follow button.

    So girl hold your head up damn high & carry on creating, you have nothing to be ashamed of & you provide inspiration to a LOT of people.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx sorry for the long message I kind of babble on at times....ok ok all the time ask Vix lol. Take care sweets.

  12. So sorry you're going through this Kim. I don't read the blog that is accusing you but you obviously have a lot of supporters. I'm so pleased that you are going to carry on creating because that is who you are. Thanks for all your inspiration. Take care. Kimbo x

  13. Well Kim as you can see from the above comments fellow crafters can make up their own minds even without knowing you and appreciate your work .Having seen what has been written by this person.She definitely is not writing about you when she talks about the skill of removing watermarks from another persons work.It amazes me how you have managed to keep your blog going and up todate with you lack of computer skills.(u know what I mean)Anna.x

  14. Poor Kim! Don't usually comment on your blog, however much I love your updates, because I really shouldn't even look at it when I'm at work; but I don't like to think of you being made miserable by this vindictive woman, who should be ashamed of herself.Did she never use a single idea from a magazine or blog? It's not even plagiarism, just unconscious osmosis of good ideas. Every crafter I ever met has been only too happy to teach and inspire with ideas. You too, I am learning such a lot. So many people recognise and celebrate your talent, you should just be proud, and not unsettled by maliciousness. Sending you a big hug, Jenny B x

  15. I notice that Vicky's comments on the other website have been deleted - as have mine. So I have left another. Kim, you can hold your head up high. Everyone and I repeat everyone learns and interprets what they see elsewhere without copying. You are a true inspiration to me and the many others who follow you and attend your classes. These comments are dishonourable and not based in fact. Disregard these people, they are worthless to you. If they will not come up with any evidence or even discuss the matter - then they are not to be taken seriously. The fact that the person running the blog only prints sycophantic messages says it all. There is room in our creative world for us all and you'd think one crafter would be supportive of another. Obviously not the case. The recurring thread I see running through your messages of support is one of jealousy. Forget it all and move on and know who your friends and supporters are. I shall be putting a message on my blog in support of you. I think I speak for all of my eleven followers - we love you.

  16. Well she also has a tiled card on her blog, now I knew Id learnt this style somewhere before and had a feeling it was from you so checked your 2006 book and oh look several tiled cards :). Hehe

  17. Hi Kim. I can understand you being upset, but please don't stop any of YOUR beautiful work. You know I read your blog daily, and am always in awe of the cards you produce. We all get inspiration from all over the place, but you always give credit to others when it is due. Continue to be the strong and creative woman you are and know that you have many supports and admirers of YOUR work. Yours Cherry x

  18. some people obviously have nothing better to do with their time Kim!! don't take it to heart, keep on creating and sharing. that is what a blog and demos are for after all. i hope this doesn't stop you from showing us your beautiful work. take care. x

  19. I don't think that I can add anything to what has already been said except thank you for being the caring sharing person that you are.

  20. Kim. Have just read through all the comments of your many supporters above and agree with them all. What a disgusting and jealous person this is and I add the word cowardly that whoever it is cannot face you. The inspiration you gave me when I came to your lessons was second to none and I thank you. Keep your chin up because nobody believes that you have copied anyone else's work. Please keep your ideas coming as I check you blog every day. All the best - Joyce Pennington

  21. Hi Kim,
    I do hope you read all these messages of support. I agree with them all. Please don't stop what you have been doing. Take care.

  22. Hi Kim
    I am so sorry that some "individual" has done this to you, it is just plain nasty, unkind, and downright wrong. I think you are amazing and you are by far one of my very favourite designers. Your cards are fantastic, and so inspiring, you have always been so helpful to me when I have asked how you have done a particular card etc. This person is being very vindictive and it is probably down to pure jealousy that she is behaving so badly. Your cards feature regularly on TV and you have a certain style, that I can quite often spot as being "one of yours".
    Please, please dont't let this person put you off creating such beautiful cards and please keep blogging for us to see them. Just remember there are many many peeps who love your work and genuinely appreciate you. I am sure that I for one, would miss you blogging terribly, if you stopped.
    Please keep your chin up and keep telling yourself that you do not deserve this one little bit and that you are so respected and loved.
    Sending you lots of hugs and love
    Take care
    Debs xxx

  23. Oh dear! What a shame for you, I don't know this person or their blog except to say they are probably envious....Don't let anyone spoil your success. I love my art and know when I put paint to canvas that the work is my creation my copyright, slightly different with stamping as we are all using products that have copyright attached to them. Keep your chin up and keep smiling don't let one nasty person upset you. Reading the comments you have some lovely loyal supporters

  24. Why has this Brenda taken it upon herself to deal with this matter.Why can't the person she
    mentions in blog post 23 Jan 2012 do their own dirty work.At least they may have the correct facts.

  25. Hi KIm. Haven't ever commented on a blog before, so here goes. I see your work every month, and it is UNIQUELY beautiful. I see you most months, running around, trying to please everybody and keep it all going, and you are a lovely woman. So there we have it: a lovely, kind, talented woman. How privileged am I to count you as my friend. xx love and hugs, barbara gray

  26. As in impartial blog hopper who has just hooped through the posting trail I am sorry you have experienced this terrible ordeal. However I don' t feel it helps anyone if anonymous posts are made regardless of which 'side' people are on

  27. Kim I agree with the person above as I have just said on the other blog.

    Why is she(Brenda)firing the bullets for someone else instead of them doing their own dirty work.
    The answer is simple because it is not true.

    Carry on your fantastic work and I look forward to seeing your sample being shown on Barbara's show on Sunday.

  28. Brenda has now deleted the comments detrimental to her and reported us all to Blogger and boy am I ever quaking in my boots!! NOT!

    She has left comments like 'what a cow' and 'throw her out of blogland', as clearly she sees those as decent comments. It goes to show what an absolute charmer she is.

    I wanted to personally thank both The Stampman (via Jill Tuck) and Barbara Gray, as they are both well known and well respected in the Craft world, for stating publicly that they have every faith in Kim and know these allegations to be rubbish.

    Perhaps some of the sheep over on Brenda's blog will see two well respected Craft personalities are wholeheartedly behind Kim and feel just a little ashamed for their cries of 'burn her at the stake' without a shred of evidence that she actually did anything wrong.

    Hold your head up my friend. We who know you, know you are an honourable person.

    Lin xx

  29. Kim you have always been a huge inspiration to me since your wonderful workshops at the craft barn all those years ago ( 15?) . It's so awful to have these ridiculous things said about you. Everyone who knows you appreciates your wonderful talent and that you share it with us xx

  30. Sending you lots of love and hugs Kim , you are one very talented lady . Take care

  31. Dear Kim, Unaccustomed as I am to commenting on Blogs, I am so outraged at reading your message that I feel I must leave a response.I would hope that you have not been discouraged by this incident as I am sure that there are many of us who gain so much inspiration from your crafting. Keep calm and carry on


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