Saturday, 21 May 2011

My take on Tuscany

Evening Everyone
I Hope you are all having a good weekend. I had a couple of great classes at Lavender Lane today. The ladies all seemed to enjoy themselves and came up with some wonderful creations based on the techniques that I was teaching them. I keep meaning to take some photos so that I can share their work with you - maybe next time.
My day has ended less well however. It was while I was putting everything away so that I could get on with some more samples for Jenny that I realized that all of the cards that I had made for her so far had been made using the wrong stamp set AAAAAAARGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!
Time for a break me thinks :(
The class this afternoon was 'Men's cards'. I borrowed a box of samples from Jenny and her design team and the ladies had the opportunity to recreated any of them that they chose.
Scene it cards are a little outside my comfort zone I have to admit. Jenny or Anna have such a wonderful eye for creating fabulous landscapes while I struggle. I tend to see the stamps as individual designs and so I use them in a totally different way. I suppose this is what its all about really isn't it. There seems to me to be little point in me coming up with exactly the same thing as Jenny so I try to do something just a little bit different.
This card using the fab Tuscany set and is probably about as near to a 'Jenny card' as I get lol. Of course I had to put my spin on it so there is a nestie of course and some padded trees.
I think I will call it a night now and hope that I can start a fresh after a good nights sleep.
Nite nite

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  1. Oooh I haven't got this set - I love these scene its! And I think you have done an absolutely fab job here. Love those padded trees especially. May have to try those.
    Jack xx


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