Sunday, 20 December 2009

Another Christmas card

Two posts in one day, I hope you are all suitably impressed :)
I have spent most of today putting all my addresses back on to my computer, lets hope that this is third time lucky.
I seem to have managed to track down all but about 15 (not bad out of over 100) and I am still waiting for some e-mail and text message replies, so maybe there is hope yet.
This is another card that uses sponging and Magenta stamps - you may have guessed by now that I do like Magenta!! I have also used another of my favourite tecniques - painting with bleach. This will only work when the ink that you are trying to bleach out is a dye based one, so this is where Kaleidacolour inkpads work beautifully.
Better get back to the addresses now, maybe I will get in one last blog posting before I go to bed. You never know.
Love Kimx

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