Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Anyone for a game of golf

Evening Everyone,
What a difference in the weather today after the glorious day we had yesterday.
I took a couple of days off to get over the Moonwalk, so today was my first day back, and I made it through. My hips were a bit achy after a few hours standing at the till, but all in all not too bad.
Given that I had never done a walk of this kind before I thought it sensible to give myself a couple of days to recover in case I couldn't even stand up, let alone walk to work.
As it happens I actually felt fine after the walk, albeit tired, but time off did mean that I managed to find my Crafty Mojo, which seems to have been missing of late.
I have managed to finish all my samples for Jane's next TV appearance at the end of the month, and even managed to sort out a few birthday cards to send.
I'm sorry for missing all those special occasions over the last couple of months. I am well know for the lateness of my cards arrival, but I have made the decision that even by my standards, some of them would have been just too late, so I haven't sent them after all.
This card was actually made a while ago for my lovely 'Gym Buddy' and should have been blogged last month for the CCM Birthday challenge, but I forgot!!!!
As well as accompanying me to the gym, my friend also plays a mean round of golf.
We have also been known to hit the punch bag on occasion. In fact I managed a Kick Boxing class as well as Fitball tonight so I am feeling suitably knackered lol.
Of course no card would be complete without a few well placed flowers.
Off to bed now, before I fall asleep sitting up.

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