Saturday, 4 June 2016

Thank You for playing

Have you had a good crafty Saturday? I have.
We had a fabulous, if highly messy class at Davinas today.
We were playing with Brushos and Colour Bursts, and as you can see loads of different backgrounds and panels were created.
 I even managed to get a card finished when I got home.
Brushos make fabulous backgrounds, but a little goes a very long way. Even a tiny speck that you didn't realize was there can give a burst of colour. Just look at the blue splodge on this card lol.
I also used Brushos to add some colour to the teasels by mixing a few grains with water to create a paint.
Even the kitchen paper used to mop up some of the excess ink has led to some fantastic pieces of art.
Babysitting duties tomorrow so more playtime will have to wait till next week after work. At least my hands might have returned to the correct colour by then :0)
Hugs Kimx

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  1. Great Card Kim. and love the messy backgrounds. glad you had fun. - janicex


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