Tuesday, 27 October 2015

I'm getting ahead of myself

OMG, that will teach me to try and get ahead of myself.
I got so far ahead that I missed the last Woodware challenge for October altogether.
There I was, all pleased with myself for having e-mailed pictures to Dorothy and writing and scheduling my own blogpost.
Imagine my horror this morning when I checked the blog before work and discovered that I had used completely the wrong sketch.
I really have got ahead of myself - right into NOVEMBER.
So I think I had better go and lie down, preferably in a darkened room and try and catch up with myself again lol.
Before I go, here are a couple of cards that I sent out this week.
  A couple of them are even went in to the postbox early.
See I told you I was getting ahead of myself.
Night, night.
Hugs Kimx

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