Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Still Suffering

Hi All
I'm afraid that I have nothing creative to share with you again.
I have still got my headache, although I think that I have worked out why.
We are having a refit at work and they have installed new lights in the ceiling. They are designed to highlight the graphics on the walls, but when you look up at customers from my till it is like staring in to bright lights on an airport runway.
I made the contractor come on till this morning so that he could see just how bad it was. He says that they are going to move them tonight so I will see what happens tomorrow.
As an added strain we are also training staff for the imminent reopening of another site and so I always seem to be walking into chaos first thing in the morning, it's no wonder I'm not feeling up to much.
Let's hope tomorrow is better, I'm bored with this!!
hugs Kimx

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