Thursday, 14 October 2010

Back at last!!!

Where's a good witch when you need one!!
The girls say that I am obviously old as I've been calling for Samantha from Bewitched to wiggle her nose, while they thought of Harry Potter. Either way their presence has been seriously lacking in our house.
You may have wondered why I have been absent from blogland for quite a while, well that is why we require a little help from sorcery. Merlin, Gandalf, Mary Poppins, I'm not fussy. Anyone who can come in and wave a magic wand, or snap their fingers and sort out the chaos that we have currently been living in and I would be eternally grateful..... No offers? Oh well I guess we will just have to resort to more human endeavours and put our backs into it - again!!
It has been all change in our little Tardis over the last few weeks. I have now officially lived in every room in the house except the bathroom and kitchen - but who knows what the future may hold.
I have been having definite withdrawal symptoms from my lack of crafting, but it has been impossible to get to anything let alone be inspired.
I finally got my room back at the weekend - just in time for my birthday!!
I was bought breakfast in bed, handmade cards and 3 seasons of House to watch on DVD. How lucky am I.
I then spent the day prepping for last nights Pearlex class - crafting heaven lol. You really can't beat painting with Pearlex.
I decided to be like the Queen and have two birthdays. It is traditional in our house to choose dinner on your birthday. My choice was Roast lamb and six different vegetables. That has to be eaten at the table I think you will agree and as we still couldn't manage that on Sunday I have decided to celebrate again on another day when we can all sit down and enjoy it.
It's my youngest daughter Becki's birthday today so we will be having two celebratory meals - so much for the diet lol.
So now to some crafting. I had a fabulous , if small class at Davina's last night. There is so much that can be done with Pearlex that I decided that rather than confuse them, I would start with Part 1 - Watercolour Pearlex, and move onto Part 2 - Dry powder Pearlex and all its uses in a fortnight.
So I guess I ought to share at least one of the cards with you after you have patiently sat through my ramblings.   
This card uses the Poinsettias from the new Hobby Art Christmas set.
Hope you like it. I really must get to bed now as there have also been some changes at work. I now have to start at 5am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will try and get back into the blogging groove I've missed it.
Love and Hugs


  1. Wondered where you had been Kim, good to see you back with us.

    So looking forward to seeing you in December after missing you last time.

    B x

  2. Welcome back. Happy birthday to Becks and a second happy birthday to you. Gill x

  3. ooh weird! ive been playing with pearlex powder tonight! thought id have quick mooch before bed and pop over and we've both been playing with same stuff :D

    well queen kim, i hope you can celebrate birthday 2 when the dust settles and everything is back to normal. happy belated birthday x


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