Sunday, 4 October 2009

Well at last its finally happened, I have a blog. Thank you to Shaz and everyone for keeping on at me and Caz for finally getting me up and running.
Having started one I'm not sure that this weekend is the best one to set it all up.
Those of you that know me will know that I am the 'Granny in the Attic' and this weekend I am looking after the youngest two of my four grandchildren while Jenni, Jason and Becki have gone to Alton Towers for Becki's birthday treat.
The nearest that I have got to anything crafty is sorting and photocoping my Stampin Up stamps now I have finally collected all my goodies from Caz at her new catalogue launch. It was a lovely day, meeting up with lots of old friends.
I'm still very new to all this and so I am sure there will be numerous e-mails to Caz and Shaz for their help, they are going to regret offering to help me get this set up.
I still have to learn how to post pictures so for now this is going to have to be it besides Saskia and Ciaran are demanding pasta so I guess that the kitchen is calling me. Oh well maybe I can get some crafting done tomorrow.


  1. Finally! Well it's good news for the rest of us. Really looking forward to your content. I know this is going to be a popular blog! Gill x

  2. Well done Kim, it's started! i'm sure you'll be able to keep it more up-to-date than i do with ours. If you need any cards to add, we have over 1,200 piccies of yours to choose from!!!

  3. You've come this far, you can post, you've made a custom background, it'll be easy once you get going. Welcome to Blogger, very pleased to see you here!


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