Friday, 9 October 2009

Oh Dear I really am not very good at this blogging lark am I!!
Get it all set up and then no more posting for nearly a week.
I thought that I had better post something before you all thought that I had disappeared off the face of the earth.
I will get the hang of it, I promise but as I am just off to the show at Port Sunlight I guess it won't be today. Port Sunny is a lovely show, very friendly and always busy. It is also a chance to catch up with some of the lovely stands that I haven't seen in a while so I will be stopping by to say hi to Hazel and Dave at Horseshoe Craft, Barbara at Clarity, Jill at the Stamp Man and of course Janice, Andy and Gina on The Sir Stampalot stand.
I have several classes to prep for when I get back so I will share some of these with you if I can work out how to attach pictures.
Caz and Sharon I can feel a phone call coming on!!
Bye for now

I thought that I had better post some thing


  1. Kim, when typing a message for blogger look at the bar, there is a square with a picture in it, hovver aboe it and it will say "add image" click on it to upload a photo from your pc, its that easy!

  2. Hiyya Kim

    At last !!

    It's daunting at first but suddenly everything becomes clear, I promise. I only started mine in April and by May I was well and truly hooked although perhapsd I should not be telling you that just yet.

    Can't wait to see your first uploads, if you need any help don't be afriad to yell, more than willing to help.

    Meanwhile I have done the reciprocal follower thingie.

    B x

  3. Hi Kim

    Not sure if there is summat wrong with your settings but your last post wont open any comments boxes so you cant leave a comment, this post is fine and nothing is showing on the news feed for followers when you make a post either.

    Was an absolute pleasure to meet you at port sunny, I dont know how many times Ive seen you and thought she looks just like Kim Reygate lol! Im sure Jill is still tickled by that dozy comment from me haha!

    Yes you have all the destructions now, cant wait to see some pics uploaded :D:D:D


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