Sunday, 11 October 2009

As I told you on Friday I was just off to the show at Port Sunlight. Its a lovely show, very friendly, very busy, and boy was it busy!!
We drove up on friday, a long drive at the best of times but we seemed to hit every road work known to man. It usually takes us between 5 and 6 hours with a stop for coffee on the way but this time it took us nearly 8. No chance of setting up that day so we would just have to do it all on the day of the show.
It's a good job that Julia's stand (Simply Stamps) is quick to set up and that the show doesn't open till 10.30.
Saturday, the day of the show was my birthday so instead of a leisurly wake up with a nice relaxing cup of coffee brought to me in bed it started with the frantic rush to get breakfast and then get to the hall to start setting up.
We managed to get everything done in time and I escaped briefly to say hello to all those people that I listed before, just as well really. The doors opened at 10.30 and from that moment on we were swamped with customers. I'm not complaining, really I'm not, but it does usually start to ease off a bit after lunch giving everyone a well earned breather and a chance to have a bit of a wander and shop. I like to shop just like the rest of you but it was not to be. At 3.30 I managed to get away to pay for the few bits that I had put aside first thing in the morning and then it was back to the stand where the customers continued to spend even after they were told that the show was over and they needed to leave. I'm afraid in the end I started to pack up the stand in the hopes that they might take the hint.
We were packed away in no time and then its back in the car for the drive home - the first time I had sat down since breakfast. We stopped at the services on the way home where my birthday dinner was a Burger. The traffic on the way home was much better and we made it back to mine in just over 5hrs even with a stop. Why do journeys home always seem so much quicker?
So that was my day - what a way to spend your birthday!!
I've decided that I'm going to be like the Queen and have two birthdays, so today I am celebrating in style with a lie in and then a lovely curry this evening.
I might get a bit of crafting done or I may just sit and watch videos with the grandchildren how indulgent is that. Anyway now Caz has sent me details of how to post pictures as well as the lovely lady that I met at Port Sunny I really do have no excuse so I had better get some cards done so I have something to post.
Happy Stamping, Kimx

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