Thursday, 20 June 2019

A floral masterboard.

Evening Everyone,
OMG, what happened to the sunshine yesterday?
I don't know what happened to the traffic either, but everything seemed to be going at a snails pace. So much so that I ended up walking home after an abortive attempt by my daughter to drive me there.
She was trying to be nice and drop me home after we had taken shopping to my Mum, but we got caught up in the tailback caused by whatever was going on on the M25........1 hour to cover a quarter of a mile!!!!
With three small children in the car all needing their dinner I ended up sending Becki home via an alternative route, while I continued home on foot which seemed the most sensible course of action. Not a bad walk really, apart from the torrential rain which appeared while I was half way home. I arrived looking a bit like a drowned rat lol.
Painting is always very relaxing, especially when the weather outside is dreadful.
We had a very enjoyable class a couple of weeks ago painting with one of my favourite colouring mediums...….Pearlex.
Most of the Watercolour Pearlex colours look so much better on dark coloured card stock,

so I created a masterboard by repeatedly stamping and gold embossing a beautiful floral stamp from Stamps by Me.
I painted all of the images with colours from a couple of my Watercolour Pearlex palettes.
I love the beautiful vibrant colours, with just a hint of sparkle. So much better in the flesh.
Once I had finished I chopped the masterboard up to create six different, but similar cards.
I also stamped and embossed the image onto a couple of strips of mop up background,
to create another couple of cards. Just what I need to send to several friends whose birthdays I have missed.
Off to bed now.
Hugs to All

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