Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Boys will be Boys

Evening Everyone,
Well I finally managed some exercise this evening with a walk back from Caterham.
I certainly needed it after the excesses of last night. We went to one of those Global Food Experience places where there are about a dozen different types of food (Chinese, Indian, Pizza, English etc, etc) and you can eat as much as you like.
It was the twins choice for dinner and it makes so much sense cause it caters for everyone.
So we certainly did celebrate.
This is the card that I made for Ciaran.
These are a couple more cards that I made for a friend with twin boys.
She gave me a few clues as to what they like and left the rest up to me. I love a challenge like that.
Need an early night after all that activity. I hope it isn't too hot tomorrow as I have a long walk to my Mum's and back.
Happy Crafting and Hugs

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