Thursday, 12 January 2017

The weathermen got it right, for once.

Evening Everyone.
OMG for once the weather men got it right.
We have several inches of snow here, and the kids, big and small, have been out playing in it while I stayed nice and warm babysitting Emma.
Unfortunately her Dad has spent what is left of his birthday stuck on the motorway trying to get home. He is not a happy bunny at all. We have told him that he will have to be like the queen and have a second birthday of his choosing.
Of course all of this has meant no time for blogging so you will have to forgive me and join me again tomorrow.
The kids are all hoping that the schools will be closed tomorrow. I on the other hand will have no such excuse given that I work 3 minutes away from where I live.
Night night
Hugs Kimx

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