Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Kindness of Customers

Evening Everyone,
I have had occasion to send several Thank You cards recently, all of them to customers at the garage.
People have been so nice. In fact when one remarked that I looked cold this morning and I told him that I had stupidly left my scarf at home, he drove to his house and returned with one for me to borrow.
Who said that chivalry was dead lol.
I also received a very late Christmas present from one family this week.
Late because they had all been ill over Christmas!!
I hope that they will all be as nice and understanding tomorrow when they find that the garage has been closed all night for a refit.
The new Cigarette gantry is being installed tonight which involves closing the store while it is fitted.
I was due to start work at 4am in order to get it refilled before we reopen, however they need someone senior to sign off the work and so as I live just around the corner they are going to give me a ring as soon as it is done and I will pop round and sign the paperwork.
The only trouble is they don't know what time that will be (could be any time from midnight onwards!!!!!) so I am going to sleep in my clothes just in case I get the call.
Better get SOME sleep I suppose.
Night night and hugs


  1. hi Kim, Thank you for visiting my blog,your cards are absolutely gorgeous. I am now following you, I would love it if you would follow me. Marlene

  2. Oh Kim these are all so beautiful especially loving that top one, the wonderful colours and design are a pure delight to see.
    lorraine x

  3. Gorgeous selection of cards Kim, hope your not to shattered after your early morning call.
    Hugs Julie xxx


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