Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Thank You Mr Postman

Hi All,
My faith and admiration for our Postal Service has been well and truly restored.
I usually get one of our customers to drop any post that I have in the pillar box right outside his office, but since the flood I have not been sure if it will be collected from there so I have been asking my colleague who has a post box right near her house.
So far so good, until I couldn't find a card that i had ready to be hand delivered.
I had left some letters with Jeanette but she was insistent that she had only taken letters with addresses and stamps on them.
I have hunted high and low, both at home and at work, and had resigned myself to having to deliver something else until I got home from work today.
There waiting for me was a large envelope containing my missing card, and a message on the back to say that it was found in a post box in Godstone.
You may not find this particularly surprising except when I tell you that the card had nothing more than Chris written on the envelope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I always put return address labels on my cards. It doesn't take a moment to do and it has paid off on several occasions, not least of which is now.
So, Thank You Mr Postman, or should I call you Mr Holmes??
I can only assume that they looked inside my card, which is also signed on the back, and by a process of elimination they tracked it back to me.
However they managed it I am very impressed and grateful.
So remember Girls, be proud of your work and sign it. And don't forget to add a return address to your post, it makes all the difference in the world.
Hugs Kimx


  1. Glad you got your card back Kim and yes they do do good work at times :D

  2. I love my postman, we always make sure to look after him, and he always looks after us in return: he's found missing parcels so many times for us, and when he leaves a delivery slip to say something needed signing for when we weren't there, he'll always leave a little message saying he'll bring it back out tomorrow, saves a lot of hassle so we don't have to go into the sorting office :) glad you got sorted! :D


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