Friday, 7 June 2013

Just a little Taster

Evening everyone
Just a really quick post tonight with a peek at what we will be doing in class tomorrow - playing with Pearlex.
I have promised to introduce them to powdered Pearlex as well as the watercolour palettes, so the tag uses both.
The floral panel on the right uses the Vintage Watercolour palette.
Stop by tomorrow to see the card I made with it.
The 'GrandGirls' and I have been visiting this afternoon, to see my Mum, their Great Grandma or GranPat as she is affectionately known. She had been a busy lady baking flapjacks especially for our visit.
She makes THE best flapjacks and everyone has been desperate for her to get her new house complete with AGA (a type of oven) so that we can once again indulge. Very bad for the waistline, but boy are they good.
I should really be on the treadmill I suppose but sleep beckons instead. Oh well, I'll be good tomorrow, let's hope no one brings cakes to class :O)
hugs Kimx

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