Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sticky Embossing for Saturday

Evening Everyone
Just a quick post tonight.
I have finally worked out why I never seem to get around to everyone and leave a comment.
I made a promise to myself that I would try and post every day in 2012. I have managed it so far, but in between making the cards and leaving the post there seems very little time to visit anyone else.So that is obviously what I'm doing wrong.
Oh well, I try never to break a promise so, so here I am again with a post but no comments. I'm a bad girl lol.
This is one of the cards that the ladies will be making on Saturday.
Sorry it doesn't show up terribly well. It is white embossing onto white card so it is very subtle, and hard to photograph :)
I have sponged some pale blue Distress ink over it to highlight the flowers, my favourite Stampendous Agapanthus.
I wanted to add a little foil to the image in the small panel. But since sticky embossing powder cooks so much quicker than white, mixing the two together on the image didn't work and so I resorted to adding it around the edge of the panel instead.
I'm actually quite pleased with how it has turned out.
The vellum strip was added to hide the bad stamping on the main card. Remember 'It's never a mistake, it's an opportunity'.
I think I should have added a little sponged ink to the edge of the vellum though.
Still there is always next time lol.
hugs Kimx


  1. From what I can see the ladies on Saturday will love it this is a beautiful stamp and the gold embossing round the edge of the mat sets it off beautifully.

  2. It's gorgeous and so 'you' Kim :)

  3. Hi Kim
    This is so delicate and beautiful! I love it!
    Take care
    Debs x


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