Friday, 22 October 2010

Holly and Mistletoe

Afternoon Everyone
Well so much for getting back into the blogging, I haven't been able to wrestle the laptop off the kids lol.
In fairness that's not strictly true, but I have been so tired with these 5am starts that blogging has been the last thing on my mind. I've even had to come home and grab a granny nap which means that by the time I wake up the kids are using the computer for their homework and then I have to try and get an early night. It really does seem such a waste of an afternoon and evening.
I have managed to get some Christmas cards made though.
I have been playing with the new Hobby Art Christmas set CS022D Christmas Elements. This has to be quite my favourite stamp set so far I think.
You may have seen some of my samples on Jenny's TV show on Tuesday. Had I been a better blogger I would have let you know before the event wouldn't I!!
This is one of the cards that I made for my Pearlex class last Wednesday.
I painted the mistletoe using the new Vintage palette and then cut them out. They looked too flat positioned around the blue oval, so I stamped and painted the holly onto a piece of white card stock before attaching the trimmed mistletoe using silicon glue. The stitched border just finishes everything off.
I loaned all my art work to Jenny for the show and I haven't got it back yet.. In fact she phoned me this very afternoon to ask if she could post a couple of samples on her blog. I will check out which ones she has posted before I share any more with you.
You never know I might even get to post again over the weekend. It's half term now so hopefully there won't be too much homework to do so I might get to see the laptop lol.
Hope you have a good evening. I get to go to bed late tonight - if I can stay awake that is - as I don't have work tomorrow. And a lie in, how wonderful!!
Love and hugs


  1. Hi Kim this looks gorgeous, never would have thought of using the blue on the mistletoe, but it works really well, its amazing hugs chris xxx

  2. Ouch! A 5am start is just about endurable on a fine summer's day, with the birds singing and the sun rising. In October... Not so much! You're very brave!

    What a lovely card! The decoupaged mistletoe makes it zing!

    luv, Mags x

  3. Hi Kim
    This card is just so gorgeous! I love the colours and it looks so classy. I had to buy this set from Create and Craft when I saw it! I also got the rubber baubles and snowflake, and the wreaths set too, have you done any cards with either of these sets?
    Take care
    love Debs xx

  4. Hi Kim,
    welcome back :)
    know how you feel, I have been like the scarlet pimpernel myself the last few weeks!
    I have been working on a little secret project for a couple of the girls but I cant post anything yet until they get their little pressies!!
    But back to you love this card and your different use of colour for the mistletoe, to put it bluntly its just fab :)


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