Monday, 14 June 2010

Some Tiny New Additions

Evening Everyone.
It is the standing joke at home that we live in the house with the elastic walls since there are so many of us living under the same roof - Eat your heart out 'the Old Woman who lives in a Shoe!!! lol.
Well yesterday the elastic stretched a little further to accomodate a couple of unexpected new additions. My Granddaughters cat Princess gave birth so we have now added two little extras to the household - not sure what sex they are yet.
Isn't Mother Nature truly amazing! Princess seems little more than a kitten herself but she just knew insinctively what to do.
Megan, my Grandaughter, is convinced they are femail and has already picked out names. Oh dear it would seem that the boys are becoming seriously outnumbered.
The picture isn't the best in the world, but I just had to share.
Hope you had a good day.
Nite, nite
Love Kimx


  1. awh lovely cutey lil kittys. so sweet. Mines not little anymore he's nearly one now xx
    debbie xx

  2. OMG Kim! I bet that was a shock! she seems too little herself to be a mum! They look adorable.


  3. Goodness, I didn't even know she was with kitten. Did you? Can't wait to see them. They look gorgeous.


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