Sunday, 21 March 2010

Can anyone help me please?

Good Morning everyone
Aren't you impressed a blog posting before midnight.
No pictures I'm afraid just a plea for some help.
Did anyone tape the last TV show that Barbara did on Sunday 6th March, and if so would they be prepared to loan me a copy. I set up the box to tape, but you know me and technology, I failed miserably. My friend Gill came to my rescue as she had taped it but what do you know only the first hour!!
So if there is anyone out there who has the full two hours and could put it on a tape for me to watch I would be very grateful. I will replace the tape for you and pay the postage of course. Just drop me a line and let me know.
Thanks a lot.
I will try and post properly later when I get to finish something. In the mean time have a relaxing Sunday.
Love Kimx


  1. Hi Kim, thanks for your comment, sorry I can't help you with your plea. But I can help with the flower stamp you enquired about, it's actually part of the greetings farm set "hope & grace" available from sirstamp. Hope you having a good week
    Hugz fleur xXx

  2. Thanks for that Fleur, I'm having a great time. It's a little tiring now that there are all those stairs to run up and down as I pick the orders. Still at least I can justify that extra bikkie with my coffee lol.
    Love and hugs


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