Monday, 9 November 2009

Exploding Gift boxes

Well Friday came early!!! I finally have my new computer and it is wonderful. I got back from visiting Maryetta at Greenacre Cardcraft last Thursday and found that my laptop had arrived a day early.
I am sitting in bed now writing this post. You don't know how fantastic it is to be able to do that after all the agro that I have had over the last few weeks. You are right Gill this is fun!!
I've just had a few day holiday from work so I've tried to get on top of some of the class prep as I promised, but I've just been having too much fun to blog. Still I've got two classes this week making Exploding Gift Boxes so I thought that it was about time I stopped playing and shared some of my samples with you all.
The first class is on Wednesday evening at Davina's
The gift boxes are really a lot easier to make than they may at first appear, and I have to admit that I got a bit carried away making the samples, but thats nothing unusual for me. I told you I had far too much fun!!
I've been making a real effort to use up all the 'bits' from a class, and so with this in mind I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to make some cards to go with the gift boxes. All of the card examples are made out of the left over bits from making the boxes, very little extra was stamped. People often ask me where I get my ideas from.
I can honestly say that until I sit down to play I could no more tell you what the samples are going to look like than I could fly to the moon. Often a card will just develop out of the left overs, and these are no exceptions to that rule.
I'm never sure how much info about the making of the items to put onto the blog and so I need to be guided by you all for that. Let me know if you want more detail or are just happy with pictures.
I'd better get this posted now so I can get back to more playing.
I will let you see the samples for the other Boxes class tomorrow as they are all different.
Good Night for now. Kimx


  1. At last you are having fun with the computer! I thought you'd be happier with more efficient equipment. So we can now look forward to lots of pictures and news! You won't have time for real work now.

  2. I love this it is very striking.

    Shaz xxx


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